Dawkinsia srilankensis (Senanayake, 1985)
Blotched filamented barb
photo by Hirimuthugoda, G.N.

Family:  Cyprinidae (Minnows or carps), subfamily: Smiliogastrinae
Max. size:  10 cm TL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  benthopelagic; freshwater
Distribution:  Asia: restricted to the eastern slopes of the Knuckles Hills in the Kalu River at Pallegama, Sri Lanka at elevations of 300-500 m. Very rare and the only known existing population is in imminent danger of extinction due to the siltation of the Kalu caused by gem mining upstream.
Diagnosis:  Adults of Puntius srilankensis are distinguished from P. filamentosus, P. singhala and P. assimilis by possessing a prominent black markings on body anterior to anal-fin origin. They differ from P. exclamatio by the absence of an elongate, tear-shaped black blotch above and anal fin; from P. arulius and P. tambraparniei by having mouth inferior and lower lip medially absent ( vs. mouth subterminal, lower lip entire) (Ref. 55036). Description: Pectoral fin with one simple and 15 branched rays. Lateral line with 21 or 22 scales on body, with 1-2 scales on caudal-fin base (Ref. 55036).
Biology:  A mid-water fish found in areas of rapidly flowing water with pebbly substrate (not found in silty substrate). With a clearly defined territory (of several square meters) and without lateral spatial preferences. Individuals of the same size often form loose schools. Presently not available in sufficient numbers to be exported by the aquarium trade.
IUCN Red List Status: Endangered (EN); Date assessed: 06 August 2019 (B1ab(iii)+2ab(iii)) Ref. (123251)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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