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Etymology not explained, possibly a-, Latin privative, i.e., without; sym-, from syn (Gr.), together or joined; bolus (L.), lump or morsel, proposed as a subgenus of Scyliorhinus (Scyliorhinidae) distinguished in part by labial fold of upper lip not hanging over lower-jaw symphysis of A. analis and A. vincenti. (See ETYFish)
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  from ETYFish
From the Greek galaktikos, milky, referring to its striking color pattern with numerous milky white patches that resemble the Milky Way. (See ETYFish)
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Note: ETYFish and FishBase started a collaboration to complete the etymology for all valid names of fishes. For the current update, the following groups were completed: hagfishes (Myxini), lampreys (Petromyzonti), chimaeras (Holocephali), and sharks (Squalomorphi). It is a work in progress, so the two websites may not be synchronized.

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