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Named for the Greek mythological sea daemon Akheilos, who was a handsome boy until turned into a shark by the goddess Aphrodite as punishment for boasting that he was more beautiful than she (no deep meaning or special relevance to the shark, simply a “cool name” that “just seemed to click”; William T. White, pers. comm.). (See ETYFish)
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  from ETYFish
In honor of Atjep Suwartana, first director of the Research and Development Center of Oceanology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences in Ambon (where the second author works). (See ETYFish)
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Note: ETYFish and FishBase started a collaboration to complete the etymology for all valid names of fishes. For the current update, the following groups were completed: hagfishes (Myxini), lampreys (Petromyzonti), chimaeras (Holocephali), and sharks (Squalomorphi). It is a work in progress, so the two websites may not be synchronized.

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