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Carcharhinus wheeleri Garrick, 1982
Provisionally accepted name for Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (Bleeker, 1856)

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Provisionally accepted name
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questionable, original combination
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Status supported by Randall and Compagno (1998 and 1999 respectively, pers. comm.). Uncertainly valid in ECoF (v. 09/11/2021).
  Etymology of generic noun  
  from ETYFish
karcharos (Gr.), sharp or jagged; rhinus, an ancient name for sharks, from rhine (Gr.), rasp, both words alluding to a shark's jagged, rasp-like skin. (See ETYFish)
  Etymology of specific epithet  
  from ETYFish
In honor of British zoologist John Francis George Wheeler (1900-1979), former Director of the East African Marine Fisheries Research Organization, whose 1953 account of this shark, as C. amblyrhynchos, is the first definitive record of this species [treated as a junior synonym of C. amblyrhynchos by some workers]. (See ETYFish)
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