List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
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Species Name Used in Reference
Aetobatus ocellatus (Kuhl, 1823) Aetobatus ocellatus (p. 298;tab.1)
Aetomylaeus nichofii (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Aetomylaeus nichofii (p. 298;tab.1)
Aetomylaeus vespertilio (Bleeker, 1852) Aetomylaeus vespertilio (p. 298;tab.1)
Alopias pelagicus Nakamura, 1935 Alopias pelagicus (p. 295;tab.1)
Alopias superciliosus Lowe, 1841 Alopias superciliosus (p. 295;tab.1)
Alopias vulpinus (Bonnaterre, 1788) Alopias vulpinus (p. 295;tab.1)
Anoxypristis cuspidata (Latham, 1794) Anoxypristis cuspidata (p. 297;tab.1)
Apristurus investigatoris (Misra, 1962) Apristurus investigatoris (p. 295;tab.1)
Apristurus microps (Gilchrist, 1922) Apristurus microps (p. 296;tab.1)
Bathytoshia lata (Garman, 1880) Bathytoshia lata (p. 297;tab.1)
Benthobatis moresbyi Alcock, 1898 Benthobatis moresbyi (p. 297;tab.1)
Brevitrygon imbricata (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Brevitrygon imbricata (p. 297;tab.1)
Bythaelurus hispidus (Alcock, 1891) Bythaelurus hispidus (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus albimarginatus (Rüppell, 1837) Carcharhinus albimarginatus (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus altimus (Springer, 1950) Carcharhinus altimus (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (Bleeker, 1856) Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus amboinensis (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus amboinensis (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus brevipinna (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus brevipinna (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus dussumieri (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus dussumieri (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus falciformis (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus falciformis (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus hemiodon (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus hemiodon (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus leucas (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus leucas (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus limbatus (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus limbatus (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus longimanus (Poey, 1861) Carcharhinus longimanus (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus macloti (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus macloti (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus melanopterus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) Carcharhinus melanopterus (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus plumbeus (Nardo, 1827) Carcharhinus plumbeus (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus sealei (Pietschmann, 1913) Carcharhinus sealei (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharhinus sorrah (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharhinus sorrah (p. 296;tab.1)
Carcharias taurus Rafinesque, 1810 Carcharias taurus (p. 295;tab.1)
Centrophorus atromarginatus Garman, 1913 Centrophorus atromarginatus (p. 295;tab.1)
Centrophorus granulosus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Centrophorus granulosus (p. 295;tab.1)
Centrophorus moluccensis Bleeker, 1860 Centrophorus moluccensis (p. 295;tab.1)
Centrophorus zeehaani White, Ebert & Compagno, 2008 Centrophorus zeehaani (p. 295;tab.1)
Cephaloscyllium silasi (Talwar, 1974) Cephaloscyllium silasi (p. 296;tab.1)
Chaenogaleus macrostoma (Bleeker, 1852) Chaenogaleus macrostoma (p. 296;tab.1)
Chiloscyllium griseum Müller & Henle, 1838 Chiloscyllium griseum (p. 295;tab.1)
Chiloscyllium hasseltii Bleeker, 1852 Chiloscyllium hasseltii (p. 295;tab.1)
Chiloscyllium indicum (Gmelin, 1789) Chiloscyllium indicum (p. 295;tab.1)
Chiloscyllium punctatum Müller & Henle, 1838 Chiloscyllium punctatum (p. 295;tab.1)
Cruriraja andamanica (Lloyd, 1909) Cruriraja andamanica (p. 297;tab.1)
Echinorhinus brucus (Bonnaterre, 1788) Echinorhinus brucus (p. 292;fig.6)
Eridacnis radcliffei Smith, 1913 Eridacnis radcliffei (p. 296;tab.1)
Eusphyra blochii (Cuvier, 1816) Eusphyra blochii (p. 297;tab.1)
Galeocerdo cuvier (Péron & Lesueur, 1822) Galeocerdo cuvier (p. 296;tab.1)
Glaucostegus granulatus (Cuvier, 1829) Glaucostegus granulatus (p. 297;tab.1)
Glaucostegus thouin (Anonymous [Lacepède], 1798) Glaucostegus thouin (p. 297;tab.1)
Glaucostegus typus (Anonymous [Bennett], 1830) Glaucostegus typus (p. 297;tab.1)
Glyphis gangeticus (Müller & Henle, 1839) Glyphis gangeticus (p. 296;tab.1)
Gymnura poecilura (Shaw, 1804) Gymnura poecilura (p. 297;tab.1)
Gymnura zonura (Bleeker, 1852) Gymnura zonura (p. 297;tab.1)
Hemigaleus microstoma Bleeker, 1852 Hemigaleus microstoma (p. 296;tab.1)
Hemipristis elongata (Klunzinger, 1871) Hemipristis elongata (p. 296;tab.1)
Hemitriakis indroyonoi White, Compagno & Dharmadi, 2009 Hemitriakis indroyonoi (p. 296;tab.1)
Heptranchias perlo (Bonnaterre, 1788) Heptranchias perlo (p. 290)
Hexanchus griseus (Bonnaterre, 1788) Hexanchus griseus (p. 291;fig.5)
Hexatrygon bickelli Heemstra & Smith, 1980 Hexatrygon bickelli (p. 297;tab.1)
Himantura uarnak (Gmelin, 1789) Himantura uarnak (p. 297;tab.1)
Himantura undulata (Bleeker, 1852) Himantura undulata (p. 298;tab.1)
Isurus oxyrinchus Rafinesque, 1810 Isurus oxyrinchus (p. 295;tab.1)
Loxodon macrorhinus Müller & Henle, 1839 Loxodon macrorhinus (p. 296;tab.1)
Maculabatis gerrardi (Gray, 1851) Maculabatis gerrardi (p. 298;tab.1)
Mobula birostris (Walbaum, 1792) Mobula birostris (p. 298;tab.1)
Mobula kuhlii (Müller & Henle, 1841) Mobula kuhlii (p. 298;tab.1)
Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788) Mobula mobular (p. 298;tab.1)
Mobula tarapacana (Philippi, 1892) Mobula tarapacana (p. 298;tab.1)
Mobula thurstoni (Lloyd, 1908) Mobula thurstoni (p. 298;tab.1)
Mustelus mosis Hemprich & Ehrenberg, 1899 Mustelus mosis (p. 296;tab.1)
Nebrius ferrugineus (Lesson, 1831) Nebrius ferrugineus (p. 295;tab.1)
Negaprion acutidens (Rüppell, 1837) Negaprion acutidens (p. 296;tab.1)
Neoharriotta pinnata (Schnakenbeck, 1931) Neoharriotta pinnata (p. 293;fig.7)
Paragaleus randalli Compagno, Krupp & Carpenter, 1996 Paragaleus randalli (p. 296;tab.1)
Pastinachus ater (Macleay, 1883) Pastinachus ater (p. 298;tab.1)
Pastinachus sephen (Forsskål, 1775) Pastinachus sephen (p. 298;tab.1)
Pateobatis jenkinsii (Annandale, 1909) Pateobatis jenkinsii (p. 298;tab.1)
Plesiobatis daviesi (Wallace, 1967) Plesiobatis daviesi (p. 298;tab.1)
Prionace glauca (Linnaeus, 1758) Prionace glauca (p. 297;tab.1)
Pristis pristis (Linnaeus, 1758) Pristis pristis (p. 297;tab.1)
Pristis zijsron Bleeker, 1851 Pristis zijsron (p. 297;tab.1)
Proscyllium magnificum Last & Vongpanich, 2004 Proscyllium magnificum (p. 296;tab.1)
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai (Matsubara, 1936) Pseudocarcharias kamoharai (p. 295;tab.1)
Pteroplatytrygon violacea (Bonaparte, 1832) Pteroplatytrygon violacea (p. 298;tab.1)
Rhina ancylostomus Bloch & Schneider, 1801 Rhina ancylostomus (p. 297;tab.1)
Rhincodon typus Smith, 1828 Rhincodon typus (p. 295;tab.1)
Rhinoptera javanica Müller & Henle, 1841 Rhinoptera javanica (p. 298;tab.1)
Rhinoptera jayakari Boulenger, 1895 Rhinoptera jayakari (p. 298;tab.1)
Rhizoprionodon acutus (Rüppell, 1837) Rhizoprionodon acutus (p. 297;tab.1)
Rhizoprionodon oligolinx Springer, 1964 Rhizoprionodon oligolinx (p. 297;tab.1)
Rhynchobatus australiae Whitley, 1939 Rhynchobatus australiae (p. 297;tab.1)
Rhynchobatus djiddensis (Forsskål, 1775) Rhynchobatus djiddensis (p. 297;tab.1)
Scoliodon laticaudus Müller & Henle, 1838 Scoliodon laticaudus (p. 297;tab.1)
Scymnodon ichiharai Yano & Tanaka, 1984 Scymnodon ichiharai (p. 295;tab.1)
Sphyrna lewini (Griffith & Smith, 1834) Sphyrna lewini (p. 297;tab.1)
Sphyrna mokarran (Rüppell, 1837) Sphyrna mokarran (p. 297;tab.1)
Sphyrna tudes (Valenciennes, 1822) Sphyrna tudes (p. 297;tab.1)
Sphyrna zygaena (Linnaeus, 1758) Sphyrna zygaena (p. 297;tab.1)
Squalus hemipinnis White, Last & Yearsley, 2007 Squalus hemipinnis (p. 295;tab.1)
Squalus megalops (Macleay, 1881) Squalus megalops (p. 295;tab.1)
Stegostoma fasciatum (Hermann, 1783) Stegostoma fasciatum (p. 295;tab.1)
Taeniura lymma (Forsskål, 1775) Taeniura lymma (p. 298;tab.1)
Taeniurops meyeni (Müller & Henle, 1841) Taeniurops meyeni (p. 298;tab.1)
Telatrygon crozieri (Blyth, 1860) Telatrygon zugei (p. 298;tab.1)
Triaenodon obesus (Rüppell, 1837) Triaenodon obesus (p. 297;tab.1)
Urogymnus asperrimus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Urogymnus asperrimus (p. 298;tab.1)
Urogymnus granulatus (Macleay, 1883) Urogymnus granulatus (p. 298;tab.1)
Zameus squamulosus (Günther, 1877) Zameus squamulosus (p. 295;tab.1)
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