List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 20
Species Name Used in Reference
Caesio caerulaurea Lacepède, 1801 Caesio caerulaurea (p. 22;pl.IIB,VIF;fig.7;tab4,5,8,9)
Caesio cuning (Bloch, 1791) Caesio cuning (p. 16;pl.IA,VIA;fig.5;tab.4,5)
Caesio lunaris Cuvier, 1830 Caesio lunaris (p. 18;pl.IB,VIB;fig.5;tab.4,5)
Caesio striata Rüppell, 1830 Caesio striata (p. 28;pl.IID,VIH;fig.7;tab.4,5)
Caesio suevica Klunzinger, 1884 Caesio suevica (p. 19;pl.IC,VIC;fig.6;tab.4,5)
Caesio teres Seale, 1906 Caesio teres (p. 21;pl.IIA,VIE;fig.6;tab.4,5)
Caesio varilineata Carpenter, 1987 Caesio varilineata (p. 24;pl.IIC,VIG;fig.7;tab.4,5,)
Caesio xanthonota Bleeker, 1853 Caesio xanthonota (p. 20;pl.ID,VID;fig.6;tab.4,5)
Dipterygonotus balteatus (Valenciennes, 1830) Dipterygonotus balteatus (p. 52;pl.VD;fig.10;tab.4,5)
Gymnocaesio gymnoptera (Bleeker, 1856) Gymnocaesio gymnoptera (p. 51;pl.VB,C;fig.10;tab.4,5)
Pterocaesio capricornis Smith & Smith, 1963 Pterocaesio capricornis (p. 43;pl.IVC;fig.9;tab.4,5)
Pterocaesio chrysozona (Cuvier, 1830) Pterocaesio chrysozona (p. 33)
Pterocaesio digramma (Bleeker, 1864) Pterocaesio digramma (p. 32)
Pterocaesio lativittata Carpenter, 1987 Pterocaesio lativittata (p. 40;pl.IVB;fig.9;tab.4,5,12)
Pterocaesio marri Schultz, 1953 Pterocaesio marri (p. 38;pl.IVA,VIIG,H;fig.9;tab.4,5)
Pterocaesio pisang (Bleeker, 1853) Pterocaesio pisang (p. 34)
Pterocaesio randalli Carpenter, 1987 Pterocaesio randalli (p. 35;pl.IIID,VIIF;fig9;tab4,5,11)
Pterocaesio tessellata Carpenter, 1987 Pterocaesio tessellata (p. 47)
Pterocaesio tile (Cuvier, 1830) Pterocaesio tile (p. 30;pl.IIIA,VIIA;fig.8;tab.4,5)
Pterocaesio trilineata Carpenter, 1987 Pterocaesio trilineata (p. 43;pl.IVD,VIII;fig.10;)
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