List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 22
Species Name Used in Reference
Acapoeta tanganicae (Boulenger, 1900) Varicorhinus tanganicae (p. 68;tab.2)
Altolamprologus compressiceps (Boulenger, 1898) Altolamprologus compressiceps (p. 68;tab.2)
Cyphotilapia frontosa (Boulenger, 1906) Cyphotilapia frontosa (p. 68)
Eretmodus cyanostictus Boulenger, 1898 Eretmodus cyanostictus (p. 68;tab.2)
Gnathochromis pfefferi (Boulenger, 1898) Gnathochromis pfefferi (p. 68;tab.2)
Haplotaxodon microlepis Boulenger, 1906 Haplotaxodon microlepis (p. 68;tab.2)
Lamprichthys tanganicanus (Boulenger, 1898) Lamprichthys tanganicanus (p. 68;tab.2)
Lamprologus callipterus Boulenger, 1906 Lamprologus callipterus (p. 68;tab.2)
Lates microlepis Boulenger, 1898 Lates microlepis (p. 68;tab.2)
Lepidiolamprologus attenuatus (Steindachner, 1909) Lamprologus attenuatus (p. 68;tab.2)
Lepidiolamprologus elongatus (Boulenger, 1898) Lamprologus elongatus (p. 68;tab.2)
Limnotilapia dardennii (Boulenger, 1899) Limnotilapia dardennei (p. 68;tab.2)
Lobochilotes labiata (Boulenger, 1898) Lobochilotes labiatus (p. 68;tab.2)
Neolamprologus brichardi (Poll, 1974) Lamprologus brichardi (p. 69;tab.2)
Neolamprologus leleupi (Poll, 1956) Lamprologus leleupi (p. 68;tab.2)
Neolamprologus modestus (Boulenger, 1898) Lamprologus modestus (p. 68;tab.2)
Neolamprologus toae (Poll, 1949) Lamprologus toae (p. 68;tab.2)
Perissodus microlepis Boulenger, 1898 Perissodus microlepis (p. 68;tab.2;70tab.5)
Raiamas moorii (Boulenger, 1900) Barilius moorei (p. 68;tab.2)
Telmatochromis temporalis Boulenger, 1898 Telmatochromis temporalis (p. 68;tab.2)
Tropheus moorii Boulenger, 1898 Tropheus moorei (p. 68;tab.2)
Xenotilapia leptura (Boulenger, 1901) Asprotilapia leptura (p. 68;tab.2)
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