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58108 Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, 2003. Chinese aquatic germplasm resources database. 2003 Leuciscus carolitertii -->
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116046 Maia, H.M.S., C.F.Q. Maia, D.F.C. Pires and A.C.N. Valente, 2006. Biology of the iberian chub (Squalius carolitertii) in an atlantic-type stream (river Lima basin-north Portugal). A preliminary approach. Limnetica, 25(3):713-722. 2006 Squalius carolitertii -->
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105471 eElurikkus, 2015. eElurikkus koondab ühte portaali Eesti eluslooduse andmed. 2015 Squalius carolitertii -->
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