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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Barbus thysi3.758.70P -143179-143194Thys van den Audenaerde D., small tributary of rio Mirupururu
Portal: FB. Source: P
Barbus thysi3.778.72P 78046.001878046.0019Scheel J.J., rio Mirupururu at airport
Portal: FB. Source: P
Barbus thysi3.728.73P -143389Thys van den Audenaerde D., rio Timbapé, km 8 route Santa Isabel-San Carlos
Portal: FB. Source: P
Barbus thysi3.738.73P 78046.0020Scheel J.J., mouth rio Timbabe up to and 100m above rio Aqua-Negro (rio T. junction)
Portal: FB. Source: P
Barbus thysi4.039.23P 75056.185975056.1927Thys vd Audenaerde & Van der Veken, 5-6 km O de Victoria
Portal: FB. Source: P
Barbus thysi4.779.48P 76032.388776032.3891Clausen & Scheel, ca. 22 miles N of Kumba towards Mamfé, brook
Portal: FB. Source: P
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