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tn_chlun_u0.jpgchlun_u0.jpgPhoto by Randall, J.E.
Kiribati,by Randall, J.E.(chlun_u0.jpg)
tn_chlun_uf.jpgchlun_uf.jpgPhoto by Patzner, R.
Papua New Guinea,by Patzner, R.(chlun_uf.jpg)
tn_chlun_j0.jpgchlun_j0.jpgPhoto by Randall, J.E.
Johnston I.,by Randall, J.E.(chlun_j0.jpg)
tn_chlun_j1.jpgchlun_j1.jpgPhoto by Shao, K.T.
Taiwan,by Shao, K.T.(chlun_j1.jpg)
tn_chlun_u6.jpgchlun_u6.jpgPhoto by Randall, J.E.
Tahiti,by Randall, J.E.(chlun_u6.jpg)
tn_chlun_u7.jpgchlun_u7.jpgPhoto by Randall, J.E.
French Polynesia,by Randall, J.E.(chlun_u7.jpg)
tn_chlun_u8.jpgchlun_u8.jpgPhoto by Randall, J.E.
Australia,by Randall, J.E.(chlun_u8.jpg)

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Photo by April Cordova & Ricky Tyquiengco
Guam, October 2009, by April Cordova & Ricky Tyquiengco
Photo by Raju Saravanan
India, Gulf of Mannar, 26 November 2019, TL 8cm, by Raju Saravanan

Photo by Hiroyuki Tanaka, MD
Japan, near surface, yacht harbor, Miyazaki, s. Japan, 2cm, 2006, by Hiroyuki Tanaka, MD

Photo by Jim Greenfield
Maldives, by Jim Greenfield

Photo by Lorraine Brennan
Maldives, gangehi, March 2008, by Lorraine Brennan

Photo by Carlos Faria
Maldives, South Athols, by Carlos Faria
Photo by Philippe Bourjon
Réunion, Reunion, 15 12 2010, 10 cm, by Philippe Bourjon
Photo by Francois Libert
Réunion, Saint-Leu, March 2011, approx. 3 cm, by Francois Libert
Photo by Jean-Claude Jamoulle
Seychelles, Astove island, April 2018, 8 cm estimated, by Jean-Claude Jamoulle
Photo by Scott Johnson
Hawaii, Oahu Island, hybrid with Chaetodon auriga, by Scott Johnson

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Pictures from the GICIM Database of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
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B-2121, Mer Des Indes (L. Randrihasipara)

B-2121, Mer Des Indes

Early Life History Pictures

tn_chlun_j1.jpgchlun_j1.jpgPhoto by Shao, K.T.
by Shao, K.T.(chlun_j1.jpg)

Photos uploaded by FishWatchers

chaetodon lunula 00468.jpgchaetodon lunula 00468.jpgPhoto by Townsend Ditch
(chaetodon lunula 00468.jpg) by Townsend Ditch
chaetodon lunula 00530.jpgchaetodon lunula 00530.jpgPhoto by Townsend Ditch
(chaetodon lunula 00530.jpg) by Townsend Ditch

Stamps, Coins, Misc.

tn_chlun_um.jpgchlun_um.jpgPhoto by Jongsma, H.
by Jongsma, H.(chlun_um.jpg)
tn_chlun_u4.jpgchlun_u4.jpgPhoto by Pauly, I.
by Pauly, I.(chlun_u4.jpg)
tn_chlun_ud.jpgchlun_ud.jpgPhoto by Reyes, R.B.
by Reyes, R.B.(chlun_ud.jpg)
tn_chlun_ue.jpgchlun_ue.jpgPhoto by Bottini, P.
by Bottini, P.(chlun_ue.jpg)
tn_chlun_ug.jpgchlun_ug.jpgPhoto by Lehmann, F.
by Lehmann, F.(chlun_ug.jpg)

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