List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
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Species Name Used in Reference
Alestes liebrechtsii Boulenger, 1898 Alestes liebrechtsii (p. 198;fig.149)
Alestes macrophthalmus Günther, 1867 Alestes macrophthalmus (p. 197;fig.148)
Alosa algeriensis Regan, 1916 Clupea finta (p. 155)
Alosa fallax (Lacepède, 1803) Clupea finta (p. 154;fig.123)
Brycinus affinis (Günther, 1894) Alestes affinis (p. 208;fig.156)
Brycinus batesii (Boulenger, 1903) Alestes batesii (p. 221;fig.166)
Brycinus brevis (Boulenger, 1903) Alestes brevis (p. 222;fig.167)
Brycinus imberi (Peters, 1852) Alestes imberi (p. 209;fig.157)
Brycinus lateralis (Boulenger, 1900) Alestes lateralis (p. 204;fig.154)
Brycinus macrolepidotus Valenciennes, 1850 Alestes macrolepidotus (p. 217;fig.163)
Brycinus opisthotaenia (Boulenger, 1903) Alestes opisthotaenia (p. 215;fig.162)
Brycinus taeniurus (Günther, 1867) Alestes taeniurus (p. 214;fig.161)
Bryconaethiops microstoma Günther, 1873 Bryconaethiops microstoma (p. 188)
Carcharhinus leucas (Müller & Henle, 1839) Carcharias zambesensis (p. 2)
Chanos chanos (Forsskål, 1775) Chanos salmoneus (p. 164;fig.131)
Citharinus gibbosus Boulenger, 1899 Citharinus gibbosus (p. 297;fig.227)
Citharinus macrolepis Boulenger, 1899 Citharinus macrolepis (p. 294;fig.225)
Cromeria nilotica Boulenger, 1901 Cromeria nilotica (p. 173;fig.137)
Cyphomyrus macrops (Boulenger, 1909) Marcusenius macrops (p. 84;fig.67)
Cyphomyrus psittacus (Boulenger, 1897) Marcusenius psittacus (p. 85;fig.68)
Cyphomyrus wilverthi (Boulenger, 1898) Marcusenius wilverthi (p. 86;fig.69)
Distichodus altus Boulenger, 1899 Distichodus altus (p. 261;fig.198)
Distichodus antonii Schilthuis, 1891 Distichodus antonii (p. 266;fig.203)
Distichodus atroventralis Boulenger, 1898 Distichodus atroventralis (p. 267;fig.204)
Distichodus maculatus Boulenger, 1898 Distichodus maculatus (p. 264;fig.201)
Distichodus noboli Boulenger, 1899 Distichodus noboli (p. 262;fig.199)
Distichodus sexfasciatus Boulenger, 1897 Distichodus sexfasciatus (p. 276;fig.211)
Elops lacerta Valenciennes, 1847 Elops lacerta (p. 26;fig.18)
Erpetoichthys calabaricus Smith, 1865 Calamichthys calabaricus (p. 18;fig.13)
Eugnathichthys macroterolepis Boulenger, 1899 Eugnathichthys macroterolepis (p. 243;fig.186)
Garra quadrimaculata (Rüppell, 1835) Discognathus quadrimaculatus (p. 351)
Gnathonemus longibarbis (Hilgendorf, 1888) Gnathonemus longibarbis (p. 100;fig.80)
Gnathonemus petersii (Günther, 1862) Gnathonemus petersii (p. 99;fig.79)
Hepsetus odoe (Bloch, 1794) Sarcodaces odoe (p. 178;fig.138)
Heteromormyrus pauciradiatus (Steindachner, 1866) Marcusenius pauciradiatus (p. 74;fig.57)
Heterotis niloticus (Cuvier, 1829) Heterotis niloticus (p. 149;fig.121)
Hydrocynus goliath Boulenger, 1898 Hydrocyon vittiger (p. 184;fig.141)
Kneria angolensis Steindachner, 1866 Kneria angolensis (p. 170;fig.134)
Kneria auriculata (Pellegrin, 1905) Xenopomatichthys auriculatus (p. 172)
Labeo fuelleborni Hilgendorf & Pappenheim, 1903 Labeo fuelleborni (p. 323)
Labeo lineatus Boulenger, 1898 Labeo lineatus (p. 311;fig.233)
Labeo mesops Günther, 1868 Labeo mesops (p. 313)
Labeo nasus Boulenger, 1899 Labeo nasus (p. 333;fig.250)
Labeo victorianus Boulenger, 1901 Labeo victorianus (p. 322;fig.242)
Limnothrissa miodon (Boulenger, 1906) Pellonula miodon (p. 157;fig.125.)
Marcusenius angolensis (Boulenger, 1905) Gnathonemus angolensis (p. 109;fig.89)
Marcusenius greshoffii (Schilthuis, 1891) Gnathonemus greshoffi (p. 117;fig.96)
Marcusenius monteiri (Günther, 1873) Gnathonemus monteiri (p. 105;fig.85)
Marcusenius moorii (Günther, 1867) Gnathonemus lambouri (p. 97)
Marcusenius moorii (Günther, 1867) Gnathonemus moorii (p. 97;fig.77)
Marcusenius stanleyanus (Boulenger, 1897) Gnathonemus stanleyanus (p. 107;fig.87)
Mesoborus crocodilus Pellegrin, 1900 Mesoborus crocodilus (p. 245)
Microthrissa royauxi Boulenger, 1902 Microthrissa royauxi (p. 161;fig.129)
Mormyrops anguilloides (Linnaeus, 1758) Mormyrops deliciosus (p. 33;fig.20)
Mormyrops lineolatus Boulenger, 1898 Mormyrops lineolatus (p. 42;fig.29)
Mormyrops mariae (Schilthuis, 1891) Mormyrops mariae (p. 44;fig.32)
Mormyrops zanclirostris (Günther, 1867) Mormyrops zanclirostris (p. 40;fig.26)
Mormyrus kannume Forsskål, 1775 Mormyrus kannume (p. 134)
Mormyrus niloticus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Mormyrus niloticus (p. 137;fig.114)
Myomyrus macrodon Boulenger, 1898 Myomyrus macrodon (p. 93;fig.76)
Nannaethiops unitaeniatus Günther, 1872 Nannaethiops unitaeniatus (p. 254;fig.194)
Nannocharax brevis Boulenger, 1902 Nannocharax brevis (p. 280;fig.213)
Nannocharax elongatus Boulenger, 1900 Nannocharax elongatus (p. 284;fig.218)
Nannocharax fasciatus Günther, 1867 Nannocharax fasciatus (p. 281;fig.215)
Neolebias trilineatus Boulenger, 1899 Neolebias trilineatus (p. 257;fig.196)
Odaxothrissa losera Boulenger, 1899 Odaxothrissa losera (p. 160;fig.128)
Pantodon buchholzi Peters, 1876 Pantodon buchholzi (p. 151;fig.122)
Papyrocranus afer (Günther, 1868) Notopterus afer (p. 146;fig.119)
Papyrocranus congoensis (Nichols & La Monte, 1932) Notopterus afer (p. 147)
Parakneria cameronensis (Boulenger, 1909) Kneria cameronensis (p. 171;fig.136)
Parakneria spekii (Günther, 1868) Kneria spekii (p. 171;fig.135)
Paramormyrops kingsleyae (Günther, 1896) Marcusenius kingsleyae (p. 65;fig.48)
Paramormyrops sphekodes (Sauvage, 1879) Marcusenius sphecodes (p. 66;fig.49)
Paraphago rostratus Boulenger, 1899 Paraphago rostratus (p. 241;fig.187)
Pellonula vorax Günther, 1868 Pellonula vorax (p. 156;fig.124)
Petrocephalus catostoma (Günther, 1866) Petrocephalus catostoma (p. 57;fig.42)
Petrocephalus degeni Boulenger, 1906 Petrocephalus degeni (p. 58;fig.43)
Petrocephalus simus Sauvage, 1879 Petrocephalus simus (p. 53;fig.38)
Petrocephalus stuhlmanni Boulenger, 1909 Petrocephalus stuhlmanni (p. 56;fig.41)
Phenacogrammus urotaenia (Boulenger, 1909) Micralestes urotaenia (p. 228;fig.172)
Phractolaemus ansorgii Boulenger, 1901 Phractolaemus ansorgii (p. 168;fig.133)
Pollimyrus adspersus (Günther, 1866) Marcusenius adspersus (p. 70;fig.53)
Pollimyrus nigricans (Boulenger, 1906) Marcusenius nigricans (p. 75;fig.58)
Pollimyrus plagiostoma (Boulenger, 1898) Marcusenius plagiostoma (p. 80;fig.63)
Pollimyrus pulverulentus (Boulenger, 1899) Marcusenius pulverulentus (p. 63;fig.46)
Polypterus bichir Lacepède, 1803 Polypterus bichir (p. 6;fig.3)
Polypterus bichir Lacepède, 1803 Polypterus lapradii (p. 7;fig.4)
Polypterus congicus Boulenger, 1898 Polypterus congicus (p. 9;fig.5)
Polypterus delhezi Boulenger, 1899 Polypterus delhezi (p. 13;fig.9)
Polypterus endlicherii Heckel, 1847 Polypterus endlicheri (p. 10;fig.6)
Polypterus ornatipinnis Boulenger, 1902 Polypterus ornatipinnis (p. 12;fig.8)
Polypterus retropinnis Vaillant, 1899 Polypterus retropinnis (p. 17;fig.12)
Polypterus senegalus Cuvier, 1829 Polypterus senegalus (p. 14;fig.10)
Polypterus weeksii Boulenger, 1898 Polypterus weeksii (p. 11;fig.7)
Potamothrissa acutirostris (Boulenger, 1899) Pellonula acutirostris (p. 159;fig.127)
Potamothrissa obtusirostris (Boulenger, 1909) Pellonula obtusirostris (p. 158;fig.126)
Protopterus aethiopicus Heckel, 1851 Protopterus aethiopicus (p. 21;fig.15)
Protopterus annectens (Owen, 1839) Protopterus annectens (p. 20;fig.14)
Protopterus dolloi Boulenger, 1900 Protopterus dolloi (p. 22;fig.16)
Salmo macrostigma (Duméril, 1858) Salmo trutta (p. 166;fig.132)
Stomatorhinus microps Boulenger, 1898 Stomatorhinus microps (p. 92;fig.75)
Stomatorhinus polylepis Boulenger, 1899 Stomatorhinus polylepis (p. 91;fig.74)
Stomatorhinus walkeri (Günther, 1867) Stomatorhinus walkeri (p. 88;fig.71)
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