List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 19
Species Name Used in Reference
Malapterurus barbatus Norris, 2002 Malapterurus barbatus (p. 88;fig.49)
Malapterurus beninensis Murray, 1855 Malapterurus beninensis (p. 54;fig.28)
Malapterurus electricus (Gmelin, 1789) Malapterurus electricus (p. 32;fig.16)
Malapterurus melanochir Norris, 2002 Malapterurus melanochir (p. 109;fig.65)
Malapterurus microstoma Poll & Gosse, 1969 Malapterurus microstoma (p. 77;fig.42)
Malapterurus minjiriya Sagua, 1987 Malapterurus minjiriya (p. 97;fig.57)
Malapterurus monsembeensis Roberts, 2000 Malapterurus gossei (p. 102;fig.60)
Malapterurus occidentalis Norris, 2002 Malapterurus occidentalis (p. 73;fig.40)
Malapterurus oguensis Sauvage, 1879 Malapterurus oguensis (p. 70;fig.37)
Malapterurus punctatus Norris, 2002 Malapterurus punctatus (p. 91;fig.51)
Malapterurus shirensis Roberts, 2000 Malapterurus zambezensis (p. 44;fig.20)
Malapterurus stiassnyae Norris, 2002 Malapterurus stiassnyae (p. 48;fig.23)
Malapterurus tanganyikaensis Roberts, 2000 Malapterurus polli (p. 111;fig.67)
Malapterurus tanoensis Roberts, 2000 Malapterurus murrayi (p. 94;fig.54)
Malapterurus teugelsi Norris, 2002 Malapterurus teugelsi (p. 52;fig.26)
Malapterurus thysi Norris, 2002 Malapterurus thysi (p. 81;fig.45)
Paradoxoglanis caudivittatus Norris, 2002 Paradoxoglanis caudivittatus (p. 120;fig.72)
Paradoxoglanis cryptus Norris, 2002 Paradoxoglanis cryptus (p. 128;fig.78)
Paradoxoglanis parvus Norris, 2002 Paradoxoglanis parvus (p. 126;fig.76)
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